PM’S Office Researching How Many Macca’s Toilets There Are Between The Lodge And Yarralumna


The office of the Prime Minister has been out and about scouting how many McDonald’s toilets there are between the Prime Minister’s Canberra residence ‘The Lodge’ and the Governor General’s residence ‘Yarralumna.’

The scouting trip is in preparation for the Prime Ministers expected journey to see the Governor General in order to call an election.

“It pays to plan and be prepared,” said a Prime Ministerial office worker. “With the world’s media watching and by world we mean Sky News we would hate for the PM to have to ask his driver to pull over in order for him to lay some cable on a Canberra street.”

“We did look at driving to Yarralumna via Engadine McDonalds but the PM wasn’t too keen on that.”

When asked what constituted a good toilet for the PM to use the office worker replied: “Mr Morrison’s not too fussy, he does like a stall with floor to ceiling doors and toilet rolls as opposed to toilet tissues.”

“However toilet paper is not a deal breaker as we do have some spare copies of this year’s budget to use should he get caught short.”

The Prime Minister is expected to make the journey to see the Governor General in the coming days.

Mark Williamson

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  1. Scomo will be okay as long as he puts in Yarralumla, not Yarralumna, into his sat nav.


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