Viewers Confuse Test Pattern For Bill Shorten’s Budget Reply Speech


Australian viewers have woken up this morning to learn that what they thought was the Opposition leader Bill Shorten’s budget reply speech was in fact the test pattern.

“Well it got me, I tuned in to watch and thought gee he’s putting on a damn good show what with all his colours and black and whites and now you’re telling me it was the test pattern? Said a NSW based voter. “So can we vote for this test pattern then.”

“I like the cut of it’s jib. It represents stability after all it’s been around since the 60’s, none of the other parties can boast that.”

Early polling has suggested that should it elect to run, the test pattern is already ahead of Labor leader Bill Shorten and interim Prime Minister Scott Morrison as the preferred PM.

When reached for comment the test pattern did not rule out a run for parliament and also alluded to being in talks with pay TV channel Sky News about heading up it’s election coverage.

Mark Williamson

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