Temp Worker Ecstatic About Getting An Extra Week’s Work

morrison map

The Temp worker that the Australian Government hired to fill in as Prime Minister, Scott Morrison is ecstatic to learn that his contract has been extended for another week.

“This is great news for not only Me but my Family, as I’m getting an extra week of work and I’m also out of the house for another week,” said Temp employee Scott Morrison. “I knew going in that this was only going to be a short term gig but hey an extra week is an extra week.”

“Who knows if I have a good week here they might even let me stick around after the election as an opposition backbencher.”

Government sources have admittedly privately that having Temp worker Morrison stick around for another week was not ideal but there was not really any other option.

“We did consider giving Dutton the top job but let’s face it the Australian public would all probably mass emigrate to New Zealand and honestly who’d blame them.”

“Oh well who knows, maybe Bill Shorten will do a Daley and say something stupid and cost Labor the election.”

Mark Williamson 


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