Shorten To Forego Budget Reply Speech And Instead Recap What Happened On MAFS


Australia’s next top Prime Minister Bill Shorten has told colleagues that he will not deliver the traditional Budget reply speech on Thursday and instead simply recap to the Australian public what has been happening on the popular TV show Married At First Sight (MAFS).

“The Australian people are sick and tired of hearing from a Government that is out of touch with their needs and interests,” said the Opposition leader. “People don’t want to hear about fiscal responsibility and the gross domestic product. They want to hear about which stranger is staying married to who and what that no good Ines is up to this week.”

Whilst unconventional, political commentators have been labeling Shorten’s move as a stroke of genius. Said one commentator: “At this stage the election is Bill’s to lose,  so what better way to win than by saying nothing that could do you damage.”

“For instance why talk about what you would do in Government when you could talk about MAFS. Genius. I mean what could go wrong, well he could side with Ines but only a mad man or mad monk would do that.”

Bill Shorten will deliver his MAFS recap Thursday evening he has also challenged the interim Prime Minister to debate him on MAFS in the lead up to the coming election.

Mark Williamson

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