Abbott Calls Upon The PM To Promote ‘Sir Plus’ To A Prince

Abbott Poster

Aspiring YouTuber Tony Abbott has called upon the interim Prime Minister Scott Morrison to promote the budget surplus, or ‘Sir Plus’ as Tony refers to it, to a full blown Prince.

“I think my Government, I mean Scott’s Government should celebrate our achievements.” said Mr Abbott. “And there could be no better way to celebrate something as significant as a budget ‘Sir Plus’ than by promoting a Sir to a Prince.”

“The people are still talking about the time that I demoted Prince Philip to a Knight.”

A Spokesperson for the interim Prime Minister whilst not ruling out Mr Abbott’s proposal wasn’t exactly ruling it in either, saying: “We welcome the member for Warringah’s input into the budget surplus. However as we told him many times via email, in-person and also by fax that a budget surplus is a fiscal term not a real living thing.”

“Hence we cannot make it a Prince or a Knight or a Sky News after dark panelist.”

An undeterred Tony Abbott has promised that should he be re-elected he will ensure that all ‘Sir Pluses’ will be made into full blown Princes.

Mark Williamson

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