Scott Morrison Changes His LinkedIn Job Title From Interim To Caretaker Prime Minister

morrison 730

Scott ‘ScoMo’ Morrison has spent the morning updating his LinkedIn profile page to change his current job title from ‘Interim’ to ‘Caretaker’ Prime Minister.

“This nation rewards those who have a go and by keeping my LinkedIn details up to date I am definitely putting in and having a go, you know,” said ‘Caretaker’ Prime Minister Scott Morrison. “Hopefully after May 18th should I lose the election to Bill Shorten and the leadership to Tony Abbott, someone may see my profile and think this bloke’s alright let’s chuck him on a board or make him an Ambassador.”

“Not that I don’t think we will win, but it always pays to have a back up plan. Especially when you work with people like Peter Dutton.”

When asked why the Australian people should give his Government another go, the ‘Caretaker’ Prime Minister said: “I think the answer is obvious. Bill Shorten. I mean come on. ScoMo with the cool hats or Bill Shorten. ScoMo with the hotted up Rav 4 or Bill Shorten and his Tesla.”

“The Australian people always get things right on election day. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to see a man about a job.”

Mark Williamson

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