Dutton Asks Solicitor General About The Legalities Of Staging A Military Coup


Minister for the Dark Arts Peter Dutton has written to the Solicitor General asking about the legalities of staging a military coup in Australia.

“As Minister for Home Affairs my duty is to ensure all Australians are safe, secure and compliant to the law,” said Minister Dutton. “Someone mentioned the other day the possibility of a military coup and I thought I should read up on this.”

“Just to be on the safe side as you never know when someone might try and overthrow the Prime Minister.”

When asked if he still held Leadership ambitions Minister Dutton replied: “Never say never as they say but as of today I fully support our interim Prime Minister Scott Morrison.”

“And will do so until such time that Matthias says that I finally have the numbers to overthrow him.”

Mark Williamson


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  1. How about minister for the Dark Ages?


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