An Idiot Abroad Starring Miranda Devine


Noted Australian columnist Miranda Devine has excitedly told colleagues of how she will be whisked away to New York to star in a re-boot of the television show, An Idiot Abroad.

“News corp for sometime has been looking at new ways to create content and sending Miranda to New York as an idiot abroad is their first significant venture,” said an Industry Insider. “The best part about this show is that it will be totally unscripted as Miranda will be let loose on the city and told to speak her mind.”

“I can’t wait to hear her bang on about the innocence of George Pell, you know sometimes I swear she is Chris Lilley.”

Miranda Devine has already hit the streets running with an hilarious defence of Donald Trump using ethnic slurs. Likening him to a WWE Superstar.

An Idiot Abroad will be aired live on Fox News and Sky After Dark. Sky After Dark is hoping that this will be the show that will hopefully help them break the elusive double figures ratings mark.

Mark Williamson

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