Gladys Liu Denies Being Tank Driver At Tienanmen Square

Gladys Liu

Liberal Party MP Gladys Liu says she “cannot recall” whether or not she was the driver of the tank that was poised to roll over the top of a lone protester in the famous photograph of the Tienanmen Square massacre.

“You can’t expect me to remember every tank I’ve ever taken out for a joy ride can you,” said the beleaguered member for Chisolm. “That’s a pretty blurry photo of me so it could have been anyone.”

Ms Liu also denied being recently filmed beating up protesters on the Hong Kong subway with a stick and “cannot recall” ever picking up a shovel and helping build an artificial island in the South China Sea.

“That’s an innocent photograph of me on holiday by the seaside building a sandcastle with a bucket and spade. I don’t know why there’s a PLA fighter jet parked in the background. People can Photoshop these things you know.”

Ms Liu  then hid her pencil case which allegedly has the words “Mrs President Xi Jinping” written on it in biro.

Peter Green

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