Bolt Apologises To The Liberals After Learning That Gladys Liu Is Not In Fact A Labor Politician


Convicted racist and Sky News Presenter Andrew Bolt has apologised profusely to the Liberal party for grilling their politician Gladys Liu on his show The Bolt Report. Mr Bolt wanted it known that he was under the belief that the member for Chisolm Liu was from the Labor party.

“Andrew is most upset over the trouble he has caused Gladys Liu and the Liberal party,” said a Sky News Spokesperson. “He was certain that she was a Labor MP and to be fair to Andrew a female candidate from Victoria who is not Caucasian, come on that has Labor or the Greens written all over it.

“He was also stunned to learn that people were actually watching the show as usually he rates quite low.”

When asked why it mattered that Ms Liu was Liberal and not Labor the Spokesperson replied: “Have you not watched Sky News before? We are not a news channel we are the mud raking unit for the Coalition.”

“Sure, when Speersy’s on we try and call it close down the middle but once it hits 7 pm it’s Sky News After Dark baby and though we like to swing it is always to the right.”

Mark Williamson

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  1. Love it!🤣


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