City Worker Wonders If It’s Rained Enough Yet To Shut Up The Farmers


An inner city office worker has casually asked his colleague if they think we’ve had enough rain yet to shut up the farmers. Before going on to hope for a return of ‘good’ weather before the up coming weekend.

“Look I know the farmers are doing it tough but come on it’s rained for like half a day now,” said the office worker. “Drought’s tough and all that but I’m keen to head on down to the park this weekend for a picnic.”

“You can’t picnic in the rain, the blanket gets all muddy.”

When asked for comment on the city worker’s concerns about the weather, Dubbo farmer Trevor Gumboot said: “I feel for the poor bugger and would be happy to chip in to a Go Fund Me account to buy him a new picnic blanket.”

“Well I would if I had any cash left, you see I used the last of my savings to buy some feed for my three remaining cows. But the minute it rains I’ll be shipping that fellow all the picnic blankets I can find.”

Former Minister for Water Barnaby Joyce was unavailable for comment however his office did not rule out a call for emergency funding for inner city office workers to buy new picnic blankets.

Mark Williamson

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