Katter And Hanson Team Up To Star In Dumb And Dumber 3

Hanson Kat

Queensland politicians Bob Katter and Pauline Hanson have announced that they will set their differences aside to work together on filming the third installment of the Dumb and Dumber franchise which will be filmed in QLD later this year.

“I must say I am very excited to be making my big screen debut later this year,” said Senator Hanson. “The Hollywood people said that they have been watching me for years and that my work last year under a burka was what convinced them that I’m their actress.”

“I did try and convince them to take Malcolm Roberts instead of Bob but they refused his requests for all the film crew to wear tin foil hats.”

When asked for a preview of the plot to the film Senator Hanson said: “There is no plot or script, this film will be totally improvised.”

“Bob and I will be set loose in QLD with a camera crew and hilarity will ensue.”

Bob Katter was reached for comment however the film’s producers have asked him to save his best material for the movie.

Mark Williamson

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