Prime Minister ScoMo Appoints Australian Cricket Team Special Envoys To The Bush Fires


Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has today announced that he has appointed the Australian cricket team as ‘Special Envoys to the Bush Fires’ in a move that he hopes will help reinvigorate struggling towns dealing with bush fires and drought.

“How good is the Australian cricket team?” Said the Prime Minister. “I know the people in the bush are doing it tough but our boys as we speak are putting in the hard yards at the ‘Gabba against a worthy foe in Pakistan.”

“I’m sure our boys can inspire the people to fight the fires like they boys are fighting Pakistan.”

When asked what role a ‘Special Envoy to the Bush Fires’ would have the Prime Minister said: “Obviously they’ll inspire people and down the track we’ll get them out into the bush to play a game or two.”

“I mean we’re not short of cleared land now to set up a wicket, maybe we’ll even call it the rural Australian Ashes tour.”

“That does have a good ring to it, I tell ya ScoMo’s a dab hand at a catch phrase.”

Mark Williamson

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