Bernardi Struggling To Find A Venue Big Enough For Himself And His Ego’s Farewell To Parliament Celebration


Failed Senator Cory Bernardi has told the press of his struggles to find a venue in his home State of South Australia big enough to host a farewell dinner for both himself and his ego.

“I am really struggling, you know if it were just a dinner for my friends, families and supporters well then I could have just booked a phone booth but when you add me and my ego you need a lot more space,” said Senator Bernardi. “I did consider using the Adelaide oval but would you believe they wouldn’t move a cricket match for such a prestigious event as my farewell dinner.”

When reached for comment on why they couldn’t accommodate Senator Bernardi’s request a Spokesperson from the Adelaide oval said: “We are usually very accommodating at the oval but the Senator’s demands were just outrageous.”

“I mean we are not going to postpone a test match for one guy and his ego to have a testimonial dinner on the ground.”

“I don’t care if it is to be live cast on Sky News, what’s the audience for that 5 or 6 people?”

Senator Bernardi is still in the process of finding a suitable venue and people who would like to come along.

Mark Williamson

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