ScoMo Plans On Getting Fit By Hitting The Thoughts And Prayers Hard

morrison map

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has told his inner circle that he plans to improve his fitness after he struggled on a hike over the weekend and he will be doing so with an extensive regime of ‘thoughts and prayers.’

“The Prime Minister does realise that he is not in the greatest shape for a man his age so he will look to do something about it,” said a Spokesperson for the Prime Minister. “Thoughts and prayers have worked for him in the past so no need to look any further or invest anymore money into other methods of weight loss.”

When asked whether the Prime Minister would be doing anything else like exercise and diet to supplement his thoughts and prayers regime the Spokesperson said: “Why would he need to do anything else?”

“Thoughts and prayers and Dutton got him the job as Prime Minister and thoughts prayers and the thought of Prime Minister Dutton will keep him in the job as Prime Minister.”

“Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to join the Prime Minister as he goes to visit bush fire victims to tell them all about the cricket.”

Mark Williamson

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