Pell Snares Role Of ‘Wise Man’ In Prison Christmas Play


Imprisoned religious figure, Cardinal George Pell, has secured the role as one of the Wise Men in his prison’s upcoming Christmas eve play.

The disgraced figurehead has been trying to get into character the past week, but is struggling to properly grasp the concept of wisdom.

“To be entirely honest,” Pell stated at a press conference through a glass divide, “I thought I was a shoo in for the role of God. I feel my experience in abusing my position and power had me in good stead.”

Tony Abbott, has been visiting daily to help Pell with his lines for the play. Abbott has also helped his long time friend with his stage presence.

“Well, errr, you see I have a lot of experience with acting. I pretended to be Prime Minister for several years.”

GK Kidd


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