ScoMo Pledges To Plant 1000’s Of Palm Trees To Replace Bush Lost To Fire


Prime Minister ScoMo fresh off the plane from Hawaii has pledged to replace the 1000’s of hectares of lost bush caused by the horrific bushfires with as many palm trees as he can source.

“My trip to Hawaii wasn’t just a vacation I was doing some research into how to grow palm trees,” said the Prime Minister. “When the news was broken to me of the bushfires I thought let’s get on the front foot and make sure we replace all the trees that we have lost.”

Änd how good are palm trees?”

When asked why he would replace native vegetation with a foreign plant the Prime Minister said: ”What have you got against palm trees?”

”My mate Donald loves them and he said he’d set me up with a good deal if I bought them from him.”‘

”Now if you’ll excuse me it’s been a big day and I need to visit Engadine Maccas and drop off a few logs, if you know what I mean.”

Mark Williamson

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