Scotty From Marketing Orders The Navy To Start Building An Ark


Australian Prime Minister Scotty from marketing has ordered the Navy to start taking flood precaution by building an ark, capable of holding two of every animal.

“The bushfires this year caught my Government on the hop and I promise you that won’t happen again,” said Prime Minister Scotty. “So I have got on the front foot and asked the navy to start building an ark.”

“We may have lost a lot of animals due to the fires but I’ll be damned if we lose them all to the floods.”

When asked why he felt that an ark was the best way to help flood prone residents, Scotty from marketing said: “It worked in the bible so why wouldn’t it work for us?”

“Sure Noah did lose a few animals, like the dinosaurs but I assure you my Government won’t lose any dinosaurs. The first two animals on the ark will be Barnaby Joyce and Eric Abetz.”

Mark Williamson

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