ScoMo Worries Rain In Sydney Could Lead To Floods And Books A Hawaiian Vacation Just In Case


Prime Minister ScoMo has told his advisers that he worries that the rains in Sydney could lead to flooding and has drawn up the contingency plan to fly his family and himself to Hawaii should the floodwaters reach the front steps of Kirribilli.

“I’ve learnt my lesson after this summer’s horrific bushfire season,” said Scotty from Marketing. “The Australian people want to know where their Prime Minister will be when disaster hits.”

“And I would like to assure each and every one of them, when disaster hits, I will be in Hawaii.”

When asked why his first instinct is to flee the country in times of crisis the Prime Minister said: “I am a man of action, whether that be calling in the army to deal with the fires or ordering a round of pina coladas for Jen and I.”

“Australia rest assured, I am your man and I will let the country burn, I mean I will burn for you.”

“Now if you’ll excuse me I need to buy a new pair of board shorts.”

Mark Williamson

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