PM Accused Of Fueling Toilet Paper Sales By Telling The Country To Cook Their Neighbour A Curry


The Prime Minister has been accused of fueling the toilet paper hysteria by encouraging the nation to cook their sick neighbour a curry. The Prime Minister’s comments were made at a Corona virus briefing.

“Whilst I won’t condemn the Prime Minister for encouraging people to look after their neighbour,” said a Spokesperson for the department of health. ”I do call upon him to recommend cooking a dish like chicken soup or tea and toast.”

”Whilst curry does have some beneficial properties it’s not best served to an ill person. Especially if they are not accustomed to spice.”

When asked why he recommended the nation cook a curry the Prime Minister said: ”How good are curries?”

”I tell ya the last time I had a good curry was in ’97, it was in Engadine I think……boy I wish I’d stockpiled some TP that night I tell you.”

”Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to whip up a curry for my old mate Peter Dutton, hope he likes potato.”

Mark Williamson

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