Nation Deemed To Be Suffering Stockholm Syndrome As ScoMo’s Popularity Soars

morrison map

Australia’s psychologists fear the the Nation may be suffering from the psychological condition known as Stockholm syndrome following news overnight that the Prime Minister’s popularity has skyrocketed as the Nation endures a pandemic inspired lock down.

”It’s quite common for prisoners to feel empathy for their captives, also known as Stockholm syndrome,” said a Spokesperson for the Nation’s Psychologists. ”In the case of Australia we are seeing this develop rather quickly.”

”I mean it was only a couple of months ago that the entire country was baying for blood as ScoMo lounged in Hawaii as the country burned.”

”Now they think he’s doing a great job.”

When asked why he felt his popularity was on the rise the Prime Minister said: ”I’m just an ordinary bloke. I like a beer, the footy and kicking back with the kids to do a puzzle.”

”If Australia likes me then that’s great. If they don’t well I remind them that the alternative is Peter Dutton.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse I’m off to to do a puzzle, I mean write my next address to the Nation.”

Mark Williamson


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