NSW Premier Tells Public To Just Take A Government Limo To Work

Interim NSW Premier Dominick Perrotet has told the public to simply take a Government limo today as the city is ground to a halt due to ongoing train strikes.

”To the people of NSW I say don’t let the Unions stop you from going about your day to day activities,” said Premier Perrotet. ”especially if those activities involve gambling or buying apartments.”

”Thankfully most RSL’s and casinos have their own courtesy buses.”

When asked whether the people of NSW could expect an apology or some sort of compensation, Premier Perrotet said: ”Of course, to the State’s building developers and gambling operators I sincerley apologise.”

”We will work on some sort of compensation for them.”

”And to the people of NSW I say this, keep gambling. The State needs your cash. Go and gamble, or we will make you go and gamble.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to do some privatising, I wonder if I could sell off the Sun. Can’t go near the water as the Nationals called dibs on that.”

Mark Williamson


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