News Corp Signs Cardinal Pell As Columnist With Hope That He’ll Touch The Youth Of Australia

News Corp Australia has signed Cardinal Pell as their new columnist in the hope that the Cardinal can reach out and touch the youth of the Nation.

”As the audience ages News Corp need to reach a younger demographic,” said Media Commentator Ewan Print. ”Interesting strategy going with Cardinal Pell, he will definitely attract some new readers.”

”But, I’m not sure what the average age of a Barrister is these days.”

When asked for comment on the Cardinal’s new column, News Corp columnist Andrew Bolt said of the signing: ”What a coup for this country to have our dear Cardinal spreading the word in our papers.

”I implore the youth of this Nation to reach out to the Cardinal and drink in his words and let him touch them.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, we’re in a Culture war you know I must go and rally the troops.

Mark Williamson

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