ScoMo Sad That He Won’t Be Able To Take A Selfie With The Queen’s Coffin

Former minister for health/Industry/finance and part-time Prime Minister Scott Morrison has spoken of his sadness that he was unable to get to London to take a selfie with the Queen’s coffin.

”Scott was very sad that he was no longer PM and unable to represent Australia in London,” said a source close to the former PM. ”He thought that a selfie with himself hanging over the Queen’s coffin would break the internet for sure.”

”Heck, he was even hoping to slip a lump of coal into the Queen’s casket.”

When asked when the former PM planned to exit parliament, ScoMo’s source said: ”When he gets another job that pays him a lot to do a little.”

”You know he’d make a great Queen, he could sit on the throne for hours.”

”Heck, maybe they could open up a Burger King Engadine and Scott could sit on the throne there.”

Mark Williamson

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