Max Walker To Be Named Australian Of The Year

Max Kelly

The (un) Australian has learnt from an inside source on the Australian of the year panel (Cheers Gilly) that retired Cricketer/Footballer/Media Personality/Author/Tweeter/Top Bloke Max Walker is to be named Australian of the year.

This is seen as a controversial pick as Mr Walker has not been nominated for the award and though busy tweeting has not been in the public eye for some years.

Our source told The (un) Australian, the reasoning behind Mr Walker taking out the award,  “Basically we had a list of scientists, charity workers, sportsmen you know the usual suspects when Tony Abbott came walking in and told us about a book he’d read, ‘How to choke a chicken and other hilarious tales’ by Max Walker. Well we did a bit of googling on good ol’ Maxxy but he did not stack up against the other nominees, so Tony decided to use his Captain’s pick to veto us and nominate Max Walker as Australian of the Year.”

We reached out to the Prime Minister’s office for comment however Mr Abbott who answered the phone said, “I can’t talk right now as Peta is out of the office and she doesn’t like me talking to strangers.”

Max Walker represented Australia in cricket and played in the VFL for the Melbourne Demons, he is an author of 14 books, hosted Channel 9’s Wide World of Sports and is currently working as a motivational speaker. He is affectionately know as Tangles to his friends and we suspect on Australia day will also be known as, “who?”by most people under the age of 30.

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