Calls For ABC Fact Check To Investigate Whether Abbott Really Does Love Anal


During last night’s Q&A program on the ABC, a tweet appeared on screen from the twitter handle @AbbottLovesAnal, prompting a flood of outrage and calls for the ABC to fact check whether or not Prime Minister Tony Abbott really does love anal.

A spokesperson for the Australian Sex Party told The (un)Australian of the controversial tweet: “The ABC just can’t go around making these claims, it’s unfair and potentially defamatory. I mean not everyone loves anal, we know a lot about Tony, but his preferred sexual position has never been stated.”

Conservative commentators were also appalled at the twitter handle and decried it as another case of ABC bias, with one prominent right wing commentator telling The (un)Australian: “The leftist agenda of the ABC is appalling, where are tweets about Bill Shorten being screwed publicly by the Royal Commission?”

The Prime Minister’s office was reached for comment on the PM’s preferred sexual position, but they simply said, “Screw you.”

In which position they would like to screw The (un)Australian is unclear.

Mark Williamson


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