Bill Shorten Disappointed Malcolm Turnbull Won’t Play Richie Rich In ALP Production

Les Miserables Australian Premiere

Federal opposition leader Bill Shorten is disappointed that his approach to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to play the role of Richie Rich in an upcoming Australian Labor Party production was rebuffed.

Mr Turnbull declined the offer to play the cartoon character made famous on the big screen by Macauley Culkin, telling Mr Shorten: “If the opposition want to wear a sandwich board saying ‘Turnbull’s got a lot of money,’ feel free as the public already knows.”

A spokesperson for Shorten told The (un)Australian: “Bill’s very upset, he thought in Malcolm he had a star who would shine on stage as Richie Rich, alas now it’s back to the drawing board. Who knows, maybe Christopher Pyne will agree to play Little Orphan Annie.”

The Prime Minister’s office declined to comment on the story and instead made a sizeable donation to charity in The (un)Australian’s name.

No word yet on when or if the Australian Labor Party’s next production will open, however there is talk of some knife sharpening going on, so maybe they’re looking at putting on Sweeney Todd.

Mark Williamson

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