Government To Establish Working Group To Explore Privatising Bob Hawke

bob hawke

The Coalition has announced plans to establish a working party to investigate the benefits the country would receive from privatising former Prime Minister Bob Hawke.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told The (un)Australian: “Just because we are establishing a working group to look into privatising Bob Hawke doesn’t mean we will actually do it. It’s just an idea.

“But we can’t rule the idea out, I mean we got a lot of money for Paul Keating when we sold him off to Indonesia along with that piggery, so who knows how much Mr Hawke is worth, he’s a charming old chap.”

No word yet on who will serve on the panel or whether the proposal is just for Mr Hawke will be privatised or if other Prime Ministers would also be sold off

Mr Turnbull did confirm that former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has received mild interest from the United Nations and Australia has agreed to let them take him for a test drive prior to purchase.

Mark Williamson

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