Outrage As Scott Morrison Refuses To Tell Leigh Sales His PIN Number

Scott Morrison

Outrage has erupted after Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison appeared on the ABC’s 7.30 report and refused host Leigh Sales’ request to divulge his personal PIN number.

Morrison’s refusal has set social media alight with claims of , “what has he got to hide”, “why won’t he tell us” and “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours?”

Said prolific tweeter @AusPolLol: “Why won’t you tell us your PIN #Scomo did you leave it on Manus Island? #LOL.”

When reached for comment, the Treasurer explained: “My PIN number is not relevant to the debate, look let’s hold a plebiscite into the issue and if the motion passes then we will deal with what my PIN number is then. Until such time I will not longer comment on the issue.”

Leigh Sales could not be reached for comment, however when approached The (un)Australian for comment, an ABC spokesperson asked k us for “a dollar” to buy their kids some Peppa Pig.

Mark Williamson

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  1. “personal PIN number” makes no sense. PIN is an acronym for Personal Identification Number. Therefore part of the article reads as “personal Personal Identification Number number” … Gibberish.


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