Bill Shorten Asks The Swans And Storm To Join Him On A Victory Lap


Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, still riding high from his honourable loss at the last federal election has called upon the two losing teams in this year’s AFL and NRL grand finals to join him on a victory lap of the country.

Mr Shorten reached out to the Melbourne Storm and the Sydney Swans following their losses, explaining: “Like myself, the Swans and the Storm have a lot to be proud of and some may say they, along with myself, they were the real winners this year.”

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, a passionate Sydney Swans fan,  said: “I’d love to comment, however I need to just check with George Christensen whether it is appropriate for me to do so.”

At this stage, it appears unlikely that either the Storm or the Swans will join Mr Shorten on his trek. However this will not deter the Opposition leader, as he has already put a call out to competitors in this week’s Bathurst car race to join him should they fail to finish the race.

Mark Williamson

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