Morrison Condemns Labor’s Proposed Champagne And Caviar Tax

Treasurer Scott Morrison has launched a scathing attack on the Labor parties proposed champagne and caviar tax claiming it unfairly targets pensioners.

“Can you believe the hide of Bill Shorten. These pensioners have worked hard their whole life and all they want to do is sit down to a nice glass of champagne and a bit of caviar,” said Morrsion. “But old mate Bill Shorten wants them to pay more for their champagne and caviar. The man is heartless.”

“What’s next will Labor be making people who have worked hard to negatively gear their third and fourth investment properties pay tax. This guy’s got his priorities wrong.”

When asked how the Government would endeavour to bring the budget back towards surplus Mr Morrison answered: “That’s simple we’ll go after students and the unemployed. For too long they have had it easy in this country and besides neither of them will ever vote for us.”

Mark Williamson

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