Scott Morrison Still Way Ahead In Fair Dinkum Opinion Polls

Scott Morrison

Despite being caned in a recent Newspoll, Prime Minister Scott Morrison is claiming to hold a comfortable lead in the Fair Dinkum poll.

“There are two types of opinion poll, the ones where they take a scientific approach and sample a representation of the electorate as a whole, and the ones I prefer where they just talk to fair dinkum people taking their kids to play netball at Seymour Shaw Park in Miranda or on their way out of Hillsong after a service,” said ScoMo as he adjusted the peak of his baseball cap. “Your average punter in the street doesn’t give a flying about unbiased statistical validity and standard deviations, they want to know what people who look and sound like them reckon about stuff.”

Mr Morrison cited the example of Malcolm Turnbull, who held a lead over Bill Shorten as preferred Prime Minister on Newspoll, but lagged badly in the Fair Dinkum Poll conducted at several barbecues in the Menai area over the grand final weekend.

“There’s a good chance I’ll lose the next Official Federal Election while still winning the Fair Dinkum Election,” said the PM. “If that’s the case I’ll vacate the so called Parliament House and take up residence in the Fair Dinkum Parliament House and keep on governing on behalf of the Fair Dinkum people.”

Peter Green

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  1. I love The Unaustralian and these posts, but I cannot be bothered signing in all the time to WordPress, to say so. I don’t think I’m alone with that. So I don’t think you will be getting the true amount of likes (It will be far higher) as others will be the same where they don’t want to sign into something to leave a like. Great work though, have you thought of a TV show? I can’t see that failing. Transfer the wit and humor to a show, it would be funny as.


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