Christensen Turns 3 Days Annual Leave Into 10 Day Trip To The Philippines

George Christensen

The Government’s Minister for Manila George Christensen has taken advantage of Easter falling at the same time as ANZAC day to use 3 days of annual leave to take a 10 day trip to the Philippines.

“George saw pretty early on that the opportunity was there to use 3 days and get 10 so he booked the leave through the National’s HR department, got on to and booked himself a little holiday,” said a work colleague of Mr Christensen’s. “Sure it’s not ideal timing for him to be overseas during an election campaign but you know maybe it is better to have him out of the way so to speak.”

“In fact, polling has indicated that the less people see of George the better he polls so we might let him stay in the Philippines a bit longer. Heck, maybe we could send Peter Dutton over there with him.”

Parliamentary insiders are saying the move to send badly performing parliamentary performers overseas is not a new one and in fact, often yields success.

“This is a good move by the Government to get George overseas. As we’ve seen for the last three years Labor has kept Bill Shorten out of the limelight and he has done well. It is only when he has been forced to come to the light and speak that he has failed.”

George Christensen will return from the Philippines the weekend after ANZAC Day and will stay in his electorate till election day before he again jets off for Manila.

Mark Williamson

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