ScoMo Pledges To Neck A Yard Glass Of Macca’s Coke In Honour Of Bob Hawke


Scott Morrison has pledged to take some time out in his final days campaigning as Prime Minister to neck a yard glass of Macca’s coke as a tribute to former Prime Minister Bob Hawke.

“I know a lot of Australian’s revered Bob and his achievements especially his ability to skol a beer,” said the interim Prime Minister. “Now Bob did hold the world record for the yard glass so what better way for me to pay tribute to him than by attempting to break his record.”

When asked why Macca’s coke and not beer Mr Morrison replied: “Ah look, you know it’s me ScoMo just one of the lads not really a beer drinker per se and you know it’s a lot harder to neck a yardie of coke.”

“What with all the fizz and bubbles.”

To witness interim Prime Minister Scott Morrison neck a yard glass of coke tune into Sky News at Midday or head on down to Macca’s Engadine to see it in person.

Please note if you are planning to attend the event at Macca’s Engadine guests are asked to bring aroll of toilet paper as a condition of entry. 2 ply or above.

Mark Williamson

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