One Nation Demands Coca Cola Allows Farmers Access To Mount Franklin

One nation

One Nation has come out strongly against Coca Cola demanding that the multi-national company allow Australian farmers access to the vast water supplies of Mount Franklin.

“Our farmers are out there doing it tough whilst Coca Cola executives are living it up and splashing around at Mount Franklin,” said One Nation founder Pauline Hanson. “How dare they not do their bit for our farmers, just the thought of it brings a tear to my eye.”

“There’d be more tears if there was a camera around but this is a phone interview so if you could just say I cried that would be terrific.”

When asked what other measures One Nation was looking into to help the farmers Senator Hanson said: “Well we are looking at all measures. For instance I know that when I put my washing out or go to wash the car that it always rains so maybe the farmers could try doing one of those things.”

“My colleague Senator Roberts is also in talks with a lovely chap from Nigeria who has promised to send him a special rain making device and it’ll only cost him $5000 worth of iTunes vouchers.”

Mark Williamson

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