Scotty From Marketing Pledges To Start Fracking Engadine Maccas


Following his address to the National Press Club in which he announced the Government’s plan to frack Australia great again, the Prime Minister has announced the location of the countries first full scale frack, Engadine Maccas.

“My Government is committed to keeping the lights on and we feel that should coal no longer be the number one option then let’s get a fracking,” said the Prime Minister. “And where better to start than Engadine Maccas?”

”I know from personal experience there’s a lot of gas there and who knows maybe a few nuggets.”

When asked why all of a sudden the Government was so keen to get into fracking given Australia’s already abundant supply of natural gas the Prime Minister said: ”What is it with you lot. No to coal, no to fracking, you all need to get out of your little renewables bubble.”

”This Government is here to represent the little frackers, the Gina’s, the Twiggy’s, those quiet Australians who have a go and as a result will get a go.”

”Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go visit Engadine Maccas for some research into big drop drilling, if you know what I mean.”

Mark Williamson

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