Liberal Party To Launch New Product: Scotty 2.0

morrison map

The Liberal party has announced that they plan to launch their new product the ‘Scotty 2.0’ at the National Press Club this week. With hopes that the Scotty 2.0 can, if not win them the next election at least stave off Peter Dutton long enough for their other model ‘the Christian Porter’ to gain traction.

“It’s common for companies to take an existing model like the 2019 ScoMo and re-tool it somewhat,” said a Liberal party Insider. “Don’t get me wrong the 2019 ScoMo was a real beauty.”

”The only problem being that it didn’t really work well around fire.”

When asked what we could expect from the new ‘Scotty 2.0’ the Liberal party Insider said: ”It will definitely work well around fire, we have equipped it with two billion dollars worth of features to counter act that.”

”As well we have taken away it’s obsession with the Australian cricket team and refocused it back towards it’s first love the Cronulla Sharks.”

The Scotty 2.0 will be launched this Wednesday in Canberra and after some further testing in focus groups will be let loose on the Australian public later this month.

Mark Williamson

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