Dutton, Cormann And Joyce Call For Increased Funding To Primary School Maths


Members of the Government Peter Dutton, Matthias Cormann and backbencher Barnaby Joyce have bandied together to call on the Prime Minister to increase funding for primary school maths.

The call comes after backbencher Joyce was the latest victim of being unable to get the numbers right.

“It’s time we as a Nation rectified the problem of grown adults being unable to do basic numbers problems and the best way to do that is by helping out the children,” said Minister for the Dark Arts Peter Dutton. “I mean a failure to be able to do basic maths can hold you back in your career.”

“Look at Myself, if Matthias could count I’d be this country’s supreme Dictator right now, instead of bloody ScoMo.”

When reached for comment on the call for more funding for basic maths backbencher Barnaby Joyce said: “It’s got me baffled I mean how am I meant to figure out what half of 21 is?”

“I thought it was 10 and a half but it turns out you can’t have half a human, or at least half a vote. Anyway enough of this Maths talk I gotta get back to Parliament to do some more knifing”

Mark Williamson

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