Rooter To Replace Rorter In Scotty From Marketing’s Cabinet


The Nation’s most prominent rooter, Barnaby Joyce is tipped to replace the Nation’s pre-eminent rorter, Bridget McKenzie in Scotty from Marketing’s Cabinet. With the position of Minister Affairs tipped for Barnaby.

“There’s been a lot of water under the bridge since Barnaby’s last controversy and to his credit he hasn’t sold off the rights to it,” said a National party insider. “So why not give him another crack at the top spot. After all he says he does his best work on top.”

“Besides McCormack’s had his time he’s an OK bloke, but it’s just a bit freaky how he keeps dressing up as Elvis.”

When asked why Barnaby rather than say anyone else, the National party Insider said: ”Barnaby is Australia’s best retail politician. Now admittedly the retail industry is in dire straits right now but you can’t really blame him for that.”

“Besides Barnaby as deputy prime minister will be a boon for the economy, think of all the money he’ll have to pay out to lawyers.

Mark Williamson

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