Abbott Tells ScoMo To Bring Back Knights And Dames To Lift The Public Mood


Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has called upon current Prime Minister Scott Morrison to lift the mood of the country by bringing back knights and dames.

”Bushfires, drought, corona and now a toilet paper shortage the people of Australia are dóing it tough and I think it’s time for Scotty to make a ‘Capatain’s Call’ so to speak and bring back Knights and Dames,” said Mr Abbott. ”I remember when I introduced knights and dames when I was PM, that really united the nation.”

”Then the year after when I knighted a Prince well that really did bring the country together.”

When asked who he thought the Prime Minister should knight or dame, Mr Abbott said: ”There are many, many worthy recipients, Prince Andrew for instance is definitely worthy of being named a knight.”

”However maybe Scott could look locally for his next batch of knights and dames. Sir Eric Abetz or Dame Bronwyn Bishop for example, heck Sir Tony has a nice ring to it.”

”Now if you”ll excuse me I’m off to speak to the local girl guide troop about how they to can one day grow up and aspire to marry a knight.”

Mark Williamson

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