The UnOz’s 2020 Person Of The Year!

The UnOz’s Person of the Year award is one of the most anticipated events of the year, with defamation lawyers everywhere especially keen to see the list.

2020 has definitely been a year to remember, or forget if you have enough alcohol. We’ve been locked up, masked up, smoked up and Hawaii’d up….and that’s just Australia. So without further ado here’s this year’s short list.

Scotty From Marketing’s Photographer

The Australian arts and creative industries have been decimated by Covid related cancellations.

Australian Prime Minister Scotty from marketing vowed to do what he could to keep the industry going and by the looks of things he will be doing it one person at a time.

The Australian PM thinks so highly of his personal photographer that he chose to isolate with him rather than an economic advisor, chief of staff or his family when he returned from Japan.

Stay tuned for the commemorative Scotty from marketing 2020 calendar to be released shortly, with all funds raised to go directly to the Engadine Maccas cleaning staff.

Dan Andrews

Honestly we’re just listing Dan here to annoy the Sky News After Dark Crew. To be fair he has had a big year so here’s hoping Santa brings him something nice like a new North Face jacket or a safe seat in Canberra.

Peter V’Landys

What a year for the sports administrator. Not only did he keep the horses running but he also got the NRL back on the field at the same time as re-branding the sport to Rugbah League.

In a year when the NRL set a high bench mark for off-field digressions, Peter V’Landys was always there to defend his players and take pot shots at the AFL. Despite the AFL consistently out rating Rugbah league.

Australian Coal

How good is Australian coal? So, good the Chinese decided that it was too good to burn and instead should be left in Australia for politicians to use as a prop in parliament.

With the Chinese announcing they will no longer take our coal the Government has assured the industry that they will move heaven and earth to ensure the industry and it’s billionaire owners stay strong.

Miranda Devine

Miranda Devine gave Australia the greatest gift this year (no, not that Tony) by moving overseas to cover the US Election. Sadly her scribblings were still published in Australia.

Where most people saw the Election result as a Trump loss, good old Miranda saw it as anything but a loss. If you followed her scribblings you would have seen her work through the five stages of grief well maybe just two, anger and denial.

What will 2021 bring for Miranda? Will she stay in America (fingers crossed) or return to Australia to host a show on Sky News where her ramblings will be viewed by 10’s of people.

Prince Andrew

Touchy subject.

Pete Evans

Years ago when Pete Evans started spruiking the benefits of activated nuts few knew that he was talking about himself rather than almonds.

What a year the celebrity chef turned minor celebrity conspiracy theorist has had. He’s raged against 5G, vaccines and whatever else his Byron Bay buddies have decided that they know more about than Scientists.

Sure, we laughed at Pete Evans but let’s be honest he is a dangerous fool.

*If you disagree with our list of nominees, then leave a comment below with your nomination.

On behalf of  Team (un)Australia thank you for visiting the site and have a great festive season and we will be back early January with the all the best news, analysis and plagiarism.

Thanks for reading.

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