Berejiklian Tells NSW That If They Want To Be Vaccinated Move To A Liberal Voting Electorate

NSW Premier Gladys ‘Shredder’ Berejiklian has told the people of NSW that if they wish to be vaccinated against the corona virus then they’d best make sure they live in a Liberal voting electorate.

”I won’t apologise for the fact that I put the lives of Liberal voters ahead of all others,” said Premier Shredder. ”I mean why should we vaccinate Labor voters and let’s face it those that vote for the Greens are more than likely anti-vacc anyway.”

”Shooters and fishers voters may get access to sloppy seconds when it comes to the jabs, but they we may need to see their water rights first.”

When asked why she was admitting to such blatant pork-barreling, the Premier said: ”Why not?”

”Who’s going to be offended, those that didn’t vote for me, to them I say get stuffed. I’m Gladys Berejiklian Premier of NSW and if you’re not down with that then I got two words for you…..”

“Now, if you’ll excuse me, I saw a baby in a pram with some candy. I’m going to teach it how taxation works.”

Mark Williamson


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