ScoMo Plans To Cook Coq Au Vin To Appease France

Prime Minister for Sydney Scott Morrison has told his advisers to not worry about the country’s rift with France as he’ll solve it when he gets back to Australia by cooking a Coq Au Vin for the family and posting the pics on Facebook.

”A lot of these diplomats tend to panic too easily,” said the PM. ”Not sure why they are too concerned, it’s not like the people of France will be voting at the next election.”

”Besides, if the French get too uppity Rupert and his boys will get their editors and photo shoppers onto them.”

When asked why he was seemingly more focused on the next election rather than Australia’s standing with the rest of the World, the Prime Minister said: ”I reject the premise of your question.”

”Just have a look at my Facebook page, in the last year alone I’ve been to New York, England and cooked curries from both Sri Lanka and India.”

”Throw in my attempt at a Coq Au Vin and I think you’ll find that Australia has never had such a Worldly leader.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to call Engadine Maccas to see if the French really do call it a Royale with Cheese.”

Mark Williamson


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