ScoMo Blasts Albo Over Taking Too Long To Stage Any Flood Zone Photo Shoots

Former PM Scott Morrison has blasted the current PM Anthony Albanese over the delays flood victims have faced in being involved in any staged photo shoots with any politicians.

”I know that there’s a lot of work to be done as Prime Minister,” said the former PM. ”Trust me, I know. But, Albo needs to get his priorities right and get out there with the photographers.”

”I didn’t spend much time as PM wining and dining the French, no I was boots on the ground having my photo taken.”

When asked if he seriously believed that the key to being PM was to continually stage photo shoots, the former PM said: ”My photo shoots got a lot of likes on Facebook.”

”And not just from Australians, many, many people from all over the World liked my photos.”

”Heck, even the robots got in on it as my advisors told me that a lot of bots liked my stuff.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, Parliament is coming back soon so I need to go and see if Jen wants to pop off to Hawaii again.”

”No floods there at the moment.”

Mark Williamson


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