NSW Premier Personally Apologises To John Barilaro For Any Inconvenience Caused By The Train Strikes

NSW Premier (for now) Dominick Perrotet has issued a personal apology to the State’s number 1 citizen John Barilaro over any inconvenience that today’s train strikes may have had on him or his family.

”The Transport Union really needs to start thinking about the people of NSW, namely John Barilaro,” said the NSW Premier. ”Poor John, he’s stuck in Sydney instead of New York and now he might have to wait for a train.”

”I’m sure the people of NSW won’t mind us chartering a helicopter for John or better yet a Learjet.”

When asked why the State was still suffering from crippling transport strikes, the Premier said: ”Well our transport Minister is on holiday, poor chap he only gets to take 6 or 7 holidays a year.”

”To the people of NSW, don’t worry, my Government will do all it can to make sure that we put the interests of John Barilaro first.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, John needs me to walk his dog and mow his lawn, must be off.”

Mark Williamson


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