Barnaby To Spend The Day Discussing Jobs Particularly Head And Blow At Today’s Summit

The Opposition’s shadow Minister for Home and Foreign Affairs Barnaby Joyce has told colleagues that he intends to attend the Government’s planned jobs summit simply to spend the day inquiring about the potential for head and blow jobs.

”If there is potential to create jobs or jobbies then I Barnaby Joyce will be the first one there to put their hand up,” said the Member for New England. ”Being in Canberra is stressful work, especially when the Missus is in town.”

”So, a little oral relief is always welcome.”

When asked what he hoped would come out of the jobs summit, the former deputy PM (yep, really) said: ”Do you really have to ask?”

”Look, my job is to work hard to make this country a better place for Me and my families to live.”

”Whether it be ensuring water rights are kept in house for decades to come or removing such barbaric practices like the bonk ban.”

”Speaking of which, I need to check with Dutts to see if the bonk ban applies to a jobs summit. Could be a few good sorts there.”

Mark Williamson

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