Dutton Appalled That The Jobs Summit Won’t Consider Bringing Back Slavery

Opposition leader the Dark Lord Peter Dutton has called into the Coalition’s favourite radio propaganda channel 2GB to bemoan the Government’s job summits refusal to consider slavery as a viable option.

”Is Mr Albanese serious about jobs or what? Asked the Dark Lord. ”How does he expect us to get fruit pickers if we we don’t go out to the islands and pick them up ourselves.”

”You can’t expect our mining magnates to have to pay minimum wage.”

When asked why he wasn’t attending the jobs summit given he was so keen to comment on it, the Dark Lord said: ”You think I have the time to sit around all day and talk to Unions?”

”I have horcruxes to hide, Unicorns to slaughter and a bloody 11 am meeting with Barnaby to talk about the bonk ban.”

”What I wouldn’t give right now for a doe eyed puppy to strangle.”

Mark Williamson


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