Taylor Asks Why We Rely On A Reserve Bank For Rates And Not A Playing Bank

The Opposition’s shadow Treasurer Angus Taylor (yep, him) has called on the Government to explain why the country relies on a Reserve bank instead of an actual playing bank.

”It’s high time Treasurer Jim Chalmers explained to the Australian people why we are relying on a Reserve bank,” stammered good job Angus. ”I mean the Australian cricket team doesn’t win games with Reserves.”

”You go to see your local footy team and your eyes are on the field not the bench.”

When asked why given the Liberals atrocious polling and historic Aston bi-election loss weren’t they out listening to the community and working with the Government rather than chasing windmills, the Member for Hume said: ”Well, Don Quixote is a very popular book you know.”

”People will soon realise that Peter Dutton and the Coalition are not monsters and should be in power.”

”Even if we have to ram our message down their throats to do it.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, Peter Dutton has invited me over to chew the fat. He must have strangled another wild bore.”

Mark Williamson


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