Sussan Ley Says She Would Vote For The Voice If There Was A Yess Option

Peter Dutton’s number two, Sussan Ley, has called on the Albanese Government to allow a third option for the upcoming Voice referendum so voter’s can vote yess.

”Why should the Australian public be forced to choose between yes and no when they can vote yess,” said Susssan Ley. ”Mr Albanese needs to start talking to experts, like my numerologist, maybe then Australia will start moving in the right direction.”

”Sorry, that should be Ausstralia, no word should have one s when it can have two.”

When asked why she placed so much value in her numerologist, Sussssan said: ”My numerologist has never steered me wrong. Does Mr Albanese have a numerologist? If not, why not.”

”Maybe the budget would be in better shape if someone who knows numbers like my numerologist was in charge.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, my numerologist and I have an important meeting with Peter Dutton. He has a budget reply speech coming up and needs to know how many no’s to put into it.”

Mark Williamson


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