Hanson Blames Wind Farms For Blowing Tasmanian Rain Clouds To Queensland


One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson has come out strongly against wind farms. Naming them as the cause of both the Tasmanian bush fires and the Queensland floods.

“These wind farms have a lot to answer for,” said Senator Hanson. “The country is both flooded and on fire all due to wind.”

“I’m still not sure why the Government hasn’t tried to jack up Queensland so the water runs to Tasmania but I shall get to the bottom of it.”

When asked how wind farms were to blame for both floods and fire, Senator Hanson replied: “Isn’t it obvious?”

“The wind farms blow the rain clouds away, so Tasmania gets no rain and it all goes to Queensland”

The (un)Australian did endeavor to get a meteorologist to comment on Senator Hanson’s theory however everyone we talked to simply bashed their head against a wall when told of Senator Hanson’s thoughts.

Mark Williamson 


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    Either comedy or prescient. Place your bets ladies and gents.


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